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I am a successful quitter and for less than the cost of a pack of your favorite cigarettes I will show you how to become one yourself. If your tired of trying to quit and failing at it all the time then let me help you, I have been there and gone through it myself. I will show you what I did to quit a 4 pack a day habit for good with little to no cravings, very little weight gain and with no expensive aids like nicotine gum, patches, pills or classes just to name a few and all while going through the most stressful time in my life. I will walk you through exactly how I was able to do this and how you can do the same in this short easy to read and understand no bull straight forward three buck book. What have you got to lose three bucks or your nicotine habit?

 From The introduction of the Book, How I Quit my 4 Pack a Day Cigarette Habit (and you can too)


Save Money Buying A New Car will be found at:

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How I Quit My 4 Pack a Day Cigarette Habit (and you can too) will be found at:

Amazon      IBooks      Kobo       Barnes & Noble

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