THE NEXT PLANET OVER by Dennis Burns Book Cover

THE NEXT PLANET OVER by Dennis Burns Book cover is finally here!

More info about what the book deals with will leak shortly, stay tuned

All of us here at Burns Clan Media Company are very excited about our newest book, it is a new science fiction book titled,  The Next Planet Over by Dennis Burns, it is a sci-fi book unlike anything we have read before! The launch date will be announced shortly as Dennis is almost done writing it.

Sci-Fi has been in Dennis’s blood from a very early age. He was always sitting in front of the old T.V. set watching, The Twilight ZoneThe Outer Limits,  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TV series)Lost in Space,  Star Trek and on and on you get the gist of it.

On the book side of things he grew up reading, The Mote in Gods Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle a book he claims blew his mind (which would explain the lack of one now!) and authors like, Robert A. HeinleinIsaac AsimovArthur C. Clarke and Alfred Bester. Dennis said “I had the great pleasure of getting to know Alfred after he’d started to shop in our family book store.”

Dennis has become even more passionate about his sci-fi the older he gets and voraciously reads and watches as much as he can (according to his wife, way to much) when he can!

Dennis draws on all those years of exposure to bring you, The Next Planet Over!

The inside scoop on, The Next Planet Over (all very,hush,hush) will be leaked shortly!

All we can tell you at this time, is that it is about a……..oops here he comes, bye!


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