How to Quit Smoking Tip #3

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Here we are with tip #3 on how to quit smoking, right out of our book How I Quit My 4 Pack a Day Cigarette Habit (and you can too)

“We smokers have many many reasons for smoking, I won’t pretend to know yours, but at some point the nicotine in the cigarettes got our minds and bodies addicted. We can rationalize that we aren’t, we can quit when we want, we don’t need to smoke we like to, it’s not affecting our body in any way. Be honest with yourselves you have said something like this or thought it at some point. Nicotine really is a wonderfully evil substance, we don’t know it has us until its to late. It can feel fantastic when you get some after not having it for a while, like after a long nights sleep or a couple of hours in a meeting. It can scare us to death thinking we can’t have our nicotine for a while or ever again!


What I hated to admit was that something had control of me, that I was not controlling it, I don’t know about you but that really got my goat. You have to admit that it’s got you, at least I did, so I then could know my enemy and defeat it. I got mad at this addiction and I wanted to get rid of it, that was a giant step in my progress toward quitting. Sounds silly but it is all part of the preparation. “

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