How To Quit Smoking Naturally Tip #2

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Here we are with tip number two on how to quit smoking.

When I decided that I finally wanted to quit, (remember tip #1) I also made the decision to do it naturally. Now  that doesn’t mean I was going out to the woods or into a sweat lodge until my habit was gone, nor did it mean I wasn’t going to shower and shave till I had beat the evil warlord nicotine! What it meant was, I made a choice not to use smoking aids.

There were two main reasons for my choice. Number one, the cost. When you start to look at prices for say, nicotine gum I thought wow it would be cheaper to keep smoking! Now I want you to know I’m not serious but here was my thought process. Nicotine gum right around $45.00 for 100 tablets, at the time I quit a pack of generic cigarettes was right around $2.50 for 20 cigarettes. Let’s see I was smoking 4 packs a day times $2.50 that comes to 80 cigarettes at $10.00 a day. Now again I’m just joking but if I used the gum and chewed 80 tablets a day it would cost me right around $36.00 a day. Now you get an idea of my twisted thought process and why I said it would be cheaper to keep smoking!

The second reason I chose to quit naturally may best be explained by this excerpt from my book, How I Quit My 4 Pack A Day Cigarette Habit (and you can too).

From the ending of Chapter 8, The Battle;

People asked me all the time while I was kicking the habit and after, why not use something, drugs, patches, nicotine gum? I cannot make this decision for you and you may benefit from some of these aids but I’ll tell you why I didn’t use them. I felt I was replacing one habit for another. I know it sounds foolish and it might be but in my mind I wanted to be rid of the addiction all together not step it down or wean it out I wanted it out of my mind and body quickly after I quit. I personally think that helped in the quitting process for me and I do know it gave me a great sense of accomplishment in doing it that way.  Don’t let my sense of pride hurt you in your battle, you need to do what’s good for you when you quit, the goal is to quit for good and whatever preparations you need for that go for it

So in summary, my natural choice to quit included, sugar free gum, sesame seeds. pretzel sticks just to name a few. You can quit with out all the aids if you truly want to quit and then make the choice to do it naturally.

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