How To Quit Smoking Tip #1

Hello all,

Here is the first in a series of tips to quit. I hope they help you.

Wow, here I am just passing my fourth year of being a successful quitter! I know successful  and quitter sound funny together but that is exactly what I am, a successful quitter and proud of it, especially since I had battled my smoking habit for over thirty-eight years! Over four years ago I wanted to quit smoking, I put a plan together and I ended up quitting. The reality of how well that plan worked hit home the other night. My wife and I were watching some show on television and a couple of the characters lit up a cigarette and pretended to really enjoy that first drag and then the slow… exhale. You know what I mean, as a smoker we all played that scene out  hundreds of time in real life. Well this is what hit me, I had no desire or even a tingle to want to do that myself and in previous attempts at quitting, I always did. I have not had a craving nor have I missed smoking at all since I got passed my first 25 days off of nicotine.

The first thing you must do to stop smoking is really very simple and extremely hard at the same time. You must want to quit.  If you don’t get to that point nothing else matters. You can say I want to try, or I need to, I should quit, those statements are not the same as wanting to quit. I tried to quit hundreds of times in the past, I would make it maybe three hours or two days and once for two years but in all those attempts I failed. I came to understand that in all those tries, I really did not want to quit, I just pretended to quit. I can not begin to tell you what will make you want to quit, that is a deeply personal thing for you. For me I woke up one morning and after hacking up the proverbial lung for ten minutes realized I couldn’t keep doing this, that is what started me on my path to wanting to quit smoking.

More to follow.



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